Kristallnacht: The Night that Civilisation Shattered

8th November 8-9pm | 45 mins + 15 mins Q&A

Presented by the National Holocaust Centre & Museum and The United Synagogue. 

Kristallnacht was no random act of violence. It was a pre-planned event organised with Nazi precision. It transformed a civilised, educated nation into feral, murderous thugs.⁠ 

In association with @unitedsynagogue, join us as we examine this turning point in world history, with two incredible people who lived through Kristallnacht in Vienna and Berlin respectively: Hedi Argent MBE and Ruth Barnett MBE.

Hosted by Marc Cave, National Holocaust Museum CEO. Also featuring Dr Paula Cowan - Reader at the University of West Scotland's School of Education and Social Sciences, UK delegate to the International Holocaust Research Alliance and member of the National Holocaust Museum's Academic Advisory Board.

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We deliver online lessons, with the live participation of Holocaust survivors, to thousands of children in British primary and secondary schools. Hate and divisions were already rife in our society before Coronavirus. Now, it is worse. In troubled times, people look for someone to blame. 'Othering' is on the rise, stoked up by powerful politicians. Amongst all this, conspiracy theories about Jews are resurgent on both Left and Right.

As the only place of Holocaust remembrance and learning in the world founded by non-Jews, we are well placed to spot it. To educate against it. To encourage youngsters to question what they see on social media; to think critically; to stand up not stand by.

In the words of James Smith:

"Antisemitism must not be left to Jews alone to fight" - Dr James Smith CBE, National Holocaust Centre & Museum co-founder and Life President