For the third and powerful final part of our 'Women of The Holocaust' webcast series, meet Kitty Hart-Moxon OBE.

From Lublin Ghetto to Auschwitz and from Gross-Rosen to Belsen; from an 8-day train journey, starved of both food and air, to a 2-week death march over the Sudeten Mountains barefoot --- the length, breadth and horror of Kitty's Holocaust experience is perhaps unrivalled.

No sooner had she made it to a Displaced Persons camp at liberation, than she began writing her story in pidgin English. With huge courage, Kitty blazed a trail in Holocaust testimony, in the face of appalling post-war attitudes and literally decades before other survivors could face their past. Her first book was published as early as 1961 and her first TV documentary aired in 1979.

For all these reasons Kitty is, at the grand age of 95, the 'mother of all Holocaust survivors'.

But there is one more reason.

Kitty will explain the uniquely female bond formed inside Auschwitz that saved her life many times over. Kitty's closeness to her mother - often swapping roles as caregiver and receiver - is one part of it. And indeed she keeps the Auschwitz prisoner numbers 39933 and 39934, tattooed on her and her mother's arms, preserved in formeldahyde. But, there was something else that saved thousands of women in the camps - and which sadly eluded the male prisoners. Join us to find out.

This is a rare opportunity to hear Kitty speak. She has not made a public appearance since October 2017.  She will be in conversation with National Holocaust Museum Director Marc Cave.

Also joining will be Kitty's son Peter and daughter in law Moira. They will be responding to the much talked about first episode of 'Women of The Holocaust', when Joan Salter MBE and Dr Agnes Kaposi debated the merits of 'Next Generation Testimony'. 

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