Pre-visit lesson

Lesson plans, resources and guidance to help you to prepare for your experience of The Journey programme.

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These lessons address the importance of pupils knowing and recognising the importance of their own identity, and reflecting on the nature of effective communities. In appreciating the significance of unique and diverse identities, and the aspects of strong communities, pupils who engage with The Journey programme are able to reflect on the absent values which contributed to the experiences of Leo. The final lesson begins to examine the historical context of Leo’s experiences. In establishing the social and political context of Germany in 1938 in an age-appropriate way, pupils are able to ‘place’ Leo. Subject specific overviews and information on artefacts are provided on our website to support teachers. This level of detail is designed to help teachers, rather than to be shared with pupils- obviously their level of learning will be age-appropriate. Teachers are very warmly encouraged to discuss with educators any aspect which they would like to be further drawn out with pupils during The Journey programme.  

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If you are not visiting the The Journey exhibition at the National Holocaust Centre and Museum, you may wish to explore Leo's home virtually:

The Stein Family Home

Post-visit lessons

Lesson plans and resources for teachers following The Journey programme.

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It is hoped that, in reflecting on the narrative of Leo, and the testimony shared by a survivor of the Holocaust, that pupils will have much to reflect on and discuss after experiencing The Journey programme. Teachers may wish to further develop the learning of pupils through literacy-based activities; activities which address the importance of remembering and memorial or contemporary questions which may be raised- such as the treatment of refugees or the existence of prejudice today.

Lesson 1 - Did anyone stand up for Jewish people?



Lesson 2 - Why do our words matter?



Lesson 3 - Why is it important to remember the Kindertransport?



Extra guidance for primary Holocaust education:


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