Book Pack

This book pack includes the following items at a group reduced cost:

  • Arek Hersh - A Detail of History 

At age 11, Arek Hersh was taken by Nazis to a small church in his hometown of Sieradz along with his family and members of the Jewish community. There, Arek was separated from his family and would never see them again. Arek survived his time in two ghettos and several Concentration Camps, before being liberated at age 16. Almost all of his family were murdered. Arek now shares his testimony and does everything he can to counter assertions that the Holocaust was just a ‘detail of history’.

  • Survival

46 brief testimonies by Holocaust survivors closely connected with The National Holocaust Centre. A unique volume covering the whole range of survivors' experiences: concentration and death camps, death marches, ghettos, resistance, hidden children, refugees and Kindertransportees. 

  • A6 notepad
  • National Holocaust Centre pen (colour varies) 

Bought individually, these items would cost £16.50, the gift price for this pack is £12.50.