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The Journey learning programme teaches your students about a young boy in 1930s Berlin named Leo. By the end of the programme students will understand how Jewish people were persecuted in Germany as well as why ordinary people might become refugees.

This programme can be delivered online to as many classes as you wish or in person at school to one class at a time.

KS2: A 2.5 hour programme. Please select the number of educators you need in this form as well as whether you need us for a full-day to teach morning and afternoon sessions. Online sessions are delivered by one educator.

KS3: We can deliver the programme to students in a 2.5 hour session (morning and/or afternoon) or we can offer five 1-hour sessions during the school day to a number of different classes. Please call 01623 836627. Online sessions are delivered by one educator.

KS4: We offer an outreach programme based on our Holocaust Exhibition. Get in touch with this form to enquire.