The National Holocaust Centre and Museum houses a growing collection of artefacts which hold international significance. These items will hold the only tangible link when we are unable to have the privilege of listening to a Holocaust survivor in person. The Museum displays these objects to teach and ensure the history and significance of the Holocaust is understood and its legacy continues through these objects.

We require ongoing funds to enable us to house the artefacts according to museum specification and in order to prolong their life, we need to ensure we are applying preventative and remedial conservation techniques and using quality archival material when these items are not on display.

As  the number of objects grow, funds are required to enable us to purchase acid free boxes, acid free tissue, melenex sleeving, print and photographic packing material and display and storage boxes for larger social history objects. This will ensure all items are safely protected for many years to come and that the Museum can house these items with integrity.