The Day The Music Changed

The National Holocaust Museum near Newark is excited to share a new book intended for primary school students. It is the real-life story of a Jewish child, Hedi, who experienced the conditions that led to the Holocaust. These are the remarkable recollections of Hedi Argent MBE, now aged 94, who had to learn how antisemitism felt as well as what it meant, before fleeing to England as a refugee and having to learn how to become an 'English Girl'. It is particularly relevant today as refugees fleeing from persecution arrive in our classrooms with different stories but with the same need for a safe, welcoming place to call home. You can order copies of the book for your school as well as learn more about us through the link below and it is also a great way to prepare for a visit to our beautiful museum, where Hedi very regularly speaks to school children. The book is only £4.99.