Roman Halter was born on 7 July 1927 and lived in Chodecz (Godetz in German), around 50 miles north of Lodz in central Poland. In autumn 1940, Roman and his family were sent to the Lodz ghetto. His father and grandfather died in the ghetto and his mother, his half-sister and her two children were murdered in Chełmno. He hid in the ghetto and avoided deportation. In autumn 1944 during the liquidation of the Lodz ghetto he was sent to Auschwitz, and, as he was a skilled metal worker, he was saved from extermination and sent on to Stuffhof. From there he was sent to Dresden in November 1944. He escaped with two other Polish prisoners while on a death march in March 1945. They hid with a couple, Mr and Mrs Fuchs, until the end of the war. Roman left to return to his hometown in May 1945.


[His return was not welcomed. He journeyed back to the Fuchs’ to express his thanks, only to find that Mr Fuchs and one of the other escapees had been murdered by former SS men in the town. Mrs Fuchs was made a Righteous Among the Nations.]


[He later moved to Britain and became an architect.]