Recent political events in Europe, the UK and USA have fuelled an increase in hate crime in Nottinghamshire and across the UK. These events and the media coverage linked to them has contributed to normalising hate speech and hate crime. The current trend in hate crime, if unchallenged, will divide our communities.

Join the hundreds of people from across Nottinghamshire who have already engaged with our 'No to Hate' Conferences and be inspired to make a difference to the people of Nottinghamshire.

Are you attending the No to Hate Conference on Tuesday 18 December?

If so, you will be pleased to discover that we have a new exercise for you in our afternoon session, titled "Tackling Hate Crime in Nottinghamshire". In order to prepare for this exercise, please read local news stories about Hate Crimes in your area. Think in terms of the 'Problem Analysis Triangle':

The triangle is a good touchstone when examining cases. Think about the following:

Target / Victim – Who are they? What do we know about them (age, gender, occupation, relationships, victimisation history, impact of problem)?
Offender – Who are they? What do we know about them (age, gender, occupation, relationships, victimisation history, impact of problem)? (The offender's information is likely to be less comprehensive.) Think about the victim and offender's relationship.
Place – Examine the location. Where did the incident / problem occur (building / open space / public arena / workplace)? What are the features of the location?
Problem - What is the type of Hate Crime? What has happened and when? How often has this type of Hate Crime occurred in the area? What else might you know that is relevant (e.g. other similar victims / behaviours)? Who is aware and what has been done?

The feedback from previous conferences has been incredibly powerful with delegates saying:

"The training was one of the most moving and thought provoking I have ever been on."

"This is one of the best training sessions I have attended, everyone can relate to this in their personal life, if not in their working life."

"A fantastic day which I wish I’d had 10 years ago."

The Programme

Training takes place at The National Holocaust Centre and Museum and starts at 9.30 am promptly. Refreshments will be available from 9.00 am and lunch is included. 

Click here to download a typical programme for the day - speakers may vary.

How to Book

Thanks to renewed funding from the Safer Nottinghamshire Board (SNB) through the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) these events are now free of charge again to those in Nottinghamshire only. 

Tickets should be booked via Eventbrite. Please select the date you require and register your details using the form below.