John served for 18 years in the army from 1985 to 2003, achieving the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. During his service he held a series of command and international army staff appointments in which he was involved in operations in East Timor, Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo and Sierra Leone. In 2000 he was given responsibility as Project Officer to organise The Queen Mother’s 100th Birthday celebrations. He left the army to become the Chief of Legal Operations at the International War Crimes tribunal in Sierra Leone.  He later served as the Chief Executive of England Golf for 5 years, leading the merger of the governing bodies or men’s and women’s golf to become a single organization before assuming the position of Director of Programmes for the Aegis Trust working in Rwanda. 

He has been involved with the National Holocaust Centre and the Aegis Trust, since 2003, as a Trustee and Director.  He was awarded the MBE for leading a strategic planning and policy unit in the Balkans and the Queens Commendation for Bravery for action in East Timor.