This tailored programme is designed to develop outstanding writing skills by stimulating curiosity, creativity and confidence. Through interviewing a Holocaust survivor and joining our qualified educators on an interactive tour of The Journey exhibition pupils will be inspired to explore, learn and write using the lessons of the past.

Cross-curricular, the day examines the prejudice, isolation and persecution faced by pre-World War II Jewish families and the experiences of those who left as refugees.

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Through access to a range of resources, pupils will be exposed to different types of writing which will be brought to life when they are transported back to 1938 and led on an interactive tour of The Journey by an experienced Educator. At each stage the children will be challenged to ask questions, share ideas and reflect on what they see and hear.

Pupils will be brought back to the present by entering our memorial gardens during which time they will examine the sculptures and roses, considering the stories behind them and their relevance for today and the future.

Throughout the tour pupils will be encouraged to consider and write down questions in preparation for the time when they will come face to face with a survivor of the Holocaust. This opportunity will be truly inspirational, allowing pupils to deepen their knowledge and understanding of this historical period whilst also firing their desire to want to learn more.

The final part of the programme will engage pupils in a writing workshop which will channel them to embark on the first stage of turning this inspirational experience in to a piece of significant writing which they will develop and complete when back in school.

This programme costs only £9 per pupil and includes the specially adapted tour and workshops, Survivor testimony and a copy of the ‘Our Lonely Journey’ book to take away and use for further inspiration.

To book your visit click here. If you have any queries e-mail the Bookings Team or call us on 01623 867650.

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