Mala Tribich MBE - then Mala Helfgott - was 14 and stricken with typhus when the British Army arrived to liberate Bergen-Belsen concentration camp on 15th April 1945. She has never forgotten their kindness.

Ian Forsyth MBE - then Corporal Forsyth - was serving in the 11th Armoured Division and has never been able to forget what he witnessed that day. He, like Mala, has spent the rest of his life talking to schools about it.

For the next 4 years, Belsen became the largest Jewish Displaced Persons camp in Germany, embroiling the people there in the complexities of Britain's control of what was about to become the State of Israel.

The combination of Britain's extraordinary and generous humanitarian relief effort at Belsen, with its position in the place then known as Mandatory Palestine, highlights its complex role on the international stage that few of us today understand. Helping us to unravel it will be Dr Elke Gryglewski, Director of the Bergen-Belsen Memorial.

Join Mala, Ian and Elke for this humbling and fascinating look at one of the pivotal locations in Holocaust and post-Holocaust history. Hosted by Marc Cave, Director of the National Holocaust Centre and Museum.

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